My beginning in the musical education go back to the year 1.992 with the opening of the first and modest School placed in the Queen's Avenue Victory (of there his name).

I focused the beginning in the children, since with them the education is of them more gratifying and those who provide major satisfaction.

Until today the School has changed emplacement in two occasions, since the demand like that was demanding them from us.

My principal aspiration has been always to do that the persons who appear to the world of the music enjoy, they sit, get excited and develop a part of his brain that only can be obtained by her.

In many cases the expressions, the skills and the reflections that I have seen in them have confirmed to me that my aspiration sees fulfilled.

The director.

Eva Mª Solana.

" I think that a life dedicated to the music is a beautiful used life, and mine is to it to what I have dedicated ".

Luciano Pavarotti (1935-2007)

Italian tenor.